About Us

West London Somaliland Community

West London Somaliland Community (WLSC) is a community organisation which is initiated by concerned professionals who intend to serve their community. WLSC consists of the different age groups of the Somaliland community. WLSC, guided by the principles of representation, accountability, participation, equality, dialogue and respect, intends to serve those who most need assistance and support i.e. parents, children and young people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Somalilanders in West London to enable them to participate meaningfully in society as proud citizens, knowing their rights and responsibilities. We also strive to promote community cohesion.

Our Aim

To facilitate and help the integration of the Somalilanders in West London into the wider society and promote community cohesion.

To raise awareness about parental responsibility and to enable somalilanders to face the challenges of parenting of the 21st century.

To prevent the Somalilanders youth involvement in crimes, and to enable Somalilanders to face the challenges of parenting of the 21st century.

To Prevent the Somalilanders youth involvement in crimes, and to relieve those who are in conditions of need, hardship and distress.

To enable the Somalilanders in West London to remain involved through training, workshops and conferences, in the reconstruction and development of Somaliland while simultaneously participating actively in the UK society.
To promote and maintain the cultural identity and heritage of Somaliland and to advance the education of the public on all aspect of the history of Somaliland.


Our Vision

Our vision is to make West London Somaliland Community a successful organisation which addresses key issues concerning Somaliland community including education, family matters, sports and youth activities, and meaningful integration in the mainstream society. We are committed to seeing our community to be successful citizens in this country.

Annual General Meeting

The West London Somaliland Community (WLSC) trustees is pleased to invite its members to the Annual General Meeting of the community organization, which will take place annually at the

Our Centre

Our Community centre in Hayes, consists of a community cafe, rooms for education and training. Our aim is to connect many service providers to this centre so that all the members in our community can benefit.